HPCS Helix Performance Coatings Solutions

Over twenty years expertise in serving the marine industry, our focus is still to protect our customers’ most valuable assets.

What drives us is to provide exceptional quality products and services to our customers regardless the location or the time of day.

Our team provides confidence to our customers that their needs will be addressed by the most respected professionals of the industry in the most integral manner.

We value the needs of the quick return to service and the longevity regardless of the Business Industry.

Ocean-going vessels or pleasure yachts primarily must constantly fend against corrosion and fouling as they operate in extremely harsh environments.

Our Products and Services guarantee to increase asset service life and reduce energy costs, obtain the advantages of our expertise.

Our mission is to ensure longevity and aesthetics of your assets, after all this is what we do.



During the last twenty years we built our reputation of prominent professionals where yacht – marine coatings and energy saving equipment were the focus, not just on the sideline.

From complex projects, local or abroad, our team of technical personnel attends and completes with no delays and in line as initially was budgeted. As this was our primary focus, which depicts our professional qualities, Helix Performance Coatings – Solutions was established.



Primary focus is on Creating & Shaping the Performance of customer’s assets. Our mission is to ensure longevity and aesthetics of your assets, after all this is what we do…

“We shape performance of your assets”

In order to do so, we have to bring out the core of our values hence our business is formed around and operates by Esteem, Loyal, Bold and Pioneering. Our customers’ reference is the undisputable preference that we bring to all our projects undertaken.